My name is Dave Walker, I live in Bristol and I am an airbrush artist. I paint predominantly in watercolours, painting on board, canvas and metal using Iwata airbrushes, specialist paints and lacquers.


I have been painting motorcycles and helmets for the custom motorcycle scene since 2008.

I was inspired by the work of other airbrush artists such as Dru Blair and Marissa Oossterlee, whose piece ‘Left Behind’ motivated me to improve my airbrushing. I soon started to paint portraits and more complex compositions rather than flames and skulls.


I sell high quality limited edition prints of my paintings and I am available to paint bespoke custom designs on your motorcycle to suit your taste and budget.

When not painting I like spending time with my wife, family and dogs in the countryside or on the beach.

I also work as a private security consultant, providing personal close protection as required under the SIA licensing laws, on an ad hoc basis.


Contact details:

email: d149w@hotmail.com

Tel: 07704090203

Dave 🙂