Indian Chief (2001/02)


I was asked to paint this Indian chief as it was going off the road for some alterations and it was overdue a respray.

The owner wanted to keep the original colours, blue and white with a gold trim.

Whilst he wanted to individualise the bike it was felt important that the original character of the bike was retained.


The owner specifically requested a tottum pole that should include design elements important to him.

It was decided that the tottum pole needed to contain an Indian chief, a wolf and a bear. The pole being topped off with the cap badge of the Parachute Regiment (kings crown). The base to the pole required the Roman numerals 2 painted into it, representing the second battalion (whose colour incidentally, is blue).

The tottum pole design was overlaid with a blue candy to blend it with the base colour.


Some meaningful words were wrapped around the tank bra and bespoke Indian Motorcycles tank badges were airbrushed to complete the design.

The end result is a very individual paint job fitting the customers wishes whilst maintaining the original style of the motorcycle.

If you require bespoke custom paintwork for your motorcycle please call or email to discuss your requirements.

Dave 🙂