‘GUY’ Martin


Guy Martin was airbrushed with the kind permission of photographer Glynne Lewis.

Guy was born in 1981 and is now just as well known for his numerous TV appearances as he is for his motorcycle racing. He started racing in 1998. His TT debut was in 2004. At the time of typing this he had 15 podium finishes. He has broken his back twice in racing accidents but continues to race. He also competes in mountain bike races, the whole time managing to work as a mechanic working on HGV’s.

I wanted to paint Guy after reading his book, ‘When You Dead, You Dead’ published in October 2001.

The painting was completed using an Iwata Custom Micron airbrush with E’tac water colours and was painted onto Schollershammer G4 artist board.

Limited edition prints are available for £50.00 direct from me via email.