‘GUY’ Martin


Guy Martin was airbrushed with the kind permission of photographer Glynne Lewis.

Guy was born in 1981 and is now just as well known for his numerous TV appearances as he is for his motorcycle racing. He started racing in 1998. His TT debut was in 2004. At the time of typing this he had 15 podium finishes. He has broken his back twice in racing accidents but continues to race. He also competes in mountain bike races, the whole time managing to work as a mechanic working on HGV’s.

I wanted to paint Guy after reading his book, ‘When You Dead, You Dead’ published in October 2001.

The initial idea was to paint Guy in time for the TT in June 2016, however he pulled out of the race. Although the pressure to complete the painting on time was off, I made the deadline anyway  :)

The painting was completed using an Iwata Custom Micron airbrush with E’tac water colours and was painted onto Schollershammer G4 artist board.

Limited edition prints are available for £50.00 direct from me via email, (please find details on the for sale page) postage to UK mainland is free.

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Dave  :)

Andy Whitfield ‘Spartacus’


I painted this portrait primarily because I am a fan of the story of Spartacus and all things Roman. My grandfather was the double of Kirk Douglas who played Spartacus in the 1960 film ‘Spartacus’ and I think that’s where my love for the film started. I also wanted a painting that would push my skill levels up and this painting certainly did that.

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John McGuinness TT Legend

John McGuinness (born 16 April 1972) is an English professional motorcycle racer who competes for the Honda Europe factory racing team in road races like the Isle of Man TT, the North West 200, the Macau Grand Prix and on the short tracks he rides for the Padgett’s Honda Racing Team in the British Superstock and Supersport series.

McGuinness is a specialist Isle of Man TT solo motorcycle rider with 23 wins as of 2015. In 2013, a left-hand bend on the Snaefell Mountain Course used for TT races before the top of Barregarrow on the main A3 road was named McGuinness’s in recognition of his wins, together with Dave Molyneux who was similarly honoured.

McGuinness was part of a motorcycle endurance-racing team called Honda TT Legends, this is the inspiration for this painting.

After winning his 20th TT John rode the course on a Joey Dunlop replica bike wearing the famous yellow helmet and red leathers of the TT legend Joey Dunlop.

I had the great pleasure of meeting John at the NEC Motorcycle Show in 2014 and John was kind enough to sign the original for me. John also went on to sign the first seven of the 50 limited edition giclee prints. Two of these prints have since been gifted to charities of my choice to be auctioned off. Four have been given to close friends of mine as thank you gifts and one is on display at Fowlers Motorcycle Shop in Bristol.


The remaining limited edition prints are available to buy for £45.00 direct from me via email, details on the for sale page, postage to UK mainland is free.

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War for Four


The story behind the ‘War for Four’ is simple, I wanted to paint a multiple bike, portrait combination composition, so the original idea was a triple portrait. At the time three riders were in the running to win the BSB Moto GP for their fourth time. However after the penultimate round it was down to just two riders and so that is why the painting was done as a double portrait.

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The Spiralling

unnamed (8) ‘Imagine’ monochrome, airbrushed watercolour (sepia only) on board


Location: BRISTOL


unnamed (14) Dave and his dogs chilling on the downs

Throughout my time working in events I have met a lot of different security workers. I now find it quite easy to spot someone who has been in the armed forces. I knew instantly when I met Dave on a shift one night that he was ex-military but I had no idea that by striking up a conversation I would meet such an incredibly interesting man!

Dave first started painting when he was at school but it was a military life that would interest him more. In 1984 he joined the Royal Corp of Transport and got his driving licences. “After a three year posting to West Germany and a six month Tour of West Belfast I moved back to the UK and spent the…

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